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Personal healthcare and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly important and sought after to improve wellbeing and quality of life.

Biovit is an aspirational brand that prioritises nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing. With a combination of personal education, self-care and high-quality supplements our aim is to improve your life holistically.

As a lifestyle and wellbeing brand Biovit aims to be an informative resource for health and wellness with regular articles and features by leading experts on nutrition, fitness and personal medical advice.

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and consider ourselves experts in providing innovative personal healthcare solutions for you.

Our company aims

At Biovit we look at your health holistically. We aim to provide scientifically-based information, health tips and tricks for all elements of your life. We aim to help Educate, Improve, and Thrive.

Our articles:

Our articles will be written by guest writers and specialists in their field. This will include articles from Doctors, Nutritionists, healthcare professionals and many others. We aim to provide educational articles to allow you to make self-care decisions to improve your wellbeing.

Our Experts:


After completing a Zoology degree in 1974, Dr Draper qualified in medicine in 1979 from Guy’s Hospital London and for 13 years worked with the health service in hospitals and general practice. For the next 15 years of his medical career, he was in complementary private medical practice in Malvern, latterly developing an interest and passion for nutritional medicine.

From 2006 working again in general practice Dr Draper’s knowledge of nutritional medicine has grown exponentially he has been able to explore the use of nutritional intervention and products in an integrated approach, alongside the mainstream pharmaceutical medicines. These experiences have strengthened his belief that the ‘Bridging the Nutrition Gap’ approach to correct hidden hunger (type B malnutrition) could be the basis of improved health for the whole family. It impacts on modifying risk or helping to prevent acute recurrent illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases, by focusing attention on correcting the deficiencies due to the changes in lifestyle, diet, and the micronutrients in the food chain.

Our range of health and wellbeing products are carefully developed to enrich your lifestyle, no matter whatever stage of life you are at.

Harriet Hunter, ANutr. Nutritionist

Harriet studied Nutrition at the University of Surrey from 2014-2018. She graduated with a first-class honours degree and academic award. During her time here she gained a placement year at a supplement company learning valuable information about micronutrient nutrition, healthcare consultations and supplement specific knowledge.

Since graduating Harriet has worked full time as a Nutritionist at the aforementioned supplement company. Furthermore, she has worked as a guest nutrition writer and as a Freelance Nutritionist. She has been accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AFN) since October 2018.

Harriet’s passion lies in preventative nutrition. This is the idea that good long term nutrition can help to prevent long term chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. She believes that good nutrition, an informed mind and a healthy lifestyle is key to a long and happy life.